Top 10 Super Foods For Busy Moms

It’s not easy to eat healthy as a busy mom! Between looking after kids, house and household there seems to be very little time to focus on your own nutrition. One easy, quick way to improve your own nutrition and give yourself more energy, is to eat these 10 SUPER FOODS! They are delicious, affordable and will help your body burn more calories (something we can all appreciate).

1. High Fibre Cereal
-look for 5 grams or more of fiber and less than 8 grams of sugar. There are hot (oats) and cold (Kashi, etc.) options available.

2. Apples
-any fruit will do, but apples are easy to have on hand. Try to have at least two different fruits on hand for a bit of variety!

3. Almonds
-a great portable protein, the perfect emergency snack and easily paired with a fruit or veggie. They are high in metabolism-boosting protein and healthy fat. Just don’t eat too many…measure out 1/4c servings and store in a baggie or container.

4. Eggs
-they ARE good for you! They are a great protein source with superior amino acid content. They can be cooked quicky on the stove or in the microwave, even prepared ahead of time.

5. Spinach
-a super veggie that goes with everything and is only 5 calories a cup. Great cooked or fresh!

6. Yogurt
-a great source of protein with live culture that boosts immunity. Avoid those with added sugar, especially high fructose corn syrup.

7. Grilled Chicken OR Frozen Salmon Fillets
-being low in fat and high in protein make these two of the easiest, most versatile “meal makers” available.

8. Black Beans
-packed with the leanest protein, very high in fibre and relatively cheap! A great alternative for those who feel like they are always eating the same proteins!

9. Salsa
-tomatoes have many health benefits, but in salsa they help to add low calorie, energizing flavor to your meals. Add to eggs, rice, beans and even as salad dressing.

10. Green Tea
-the perfect morning coffee replacement! A lower level of caffeine and loaded with EGCG, this drink enhances your mood and tastes great. There are too many health benefits to green tea to list here!

This list is just a way to get you started on the way to getting your body back and feeling more energized. Even if you are able to get in a few of these a day you should notice a difference!

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