Soup – A Staple Food For Busy Vegetarians

If Japanese cooking is known for the sushi and noodles for the Chinese, vegetarians have soup as the foundation of vegetarian cooking. The soups’ outcome particularly the taste greatly depends on the cook in mixing several of herbs and vegetables. Soup allows the cook to be free to create a variety of taste and texture. Soup, during the cooking process, draws out most of the nutrients of the ingredients and as a dish, it coincides with the highest nutritional standards as well as being healthy, satisfying and delicious.

Another big advantage when it comes to satisfying your vegetarian diet regime is that stews and soups are staples that greatly fit those on the busy lifestyles of a vegetarian. Vegetarians are still some of the busiest people, but with a crock pot, they can prepare themselves satisfying food in the quickest way possible. When it comes to soups, the leftovers are still good for the next usage when refrigerated and this makes these soup recipes ideal for snuggle fitting into the busy lifestyles of vegetarians.

Busy people, particularly vegetarians, need only to be just a bit creative when preparing soup recipes. In fact, it really works well when prepared in weekly quantities. Of course, you want your family to enjoy the best soup recipes every week. So you may start with basic soup stock and from there let your creativity take over from there. Use onions, garlic, and some vegetables like celery and carrot as foundation for your soup stock. You can put a variety of vegetables in your soup and surprise your guest or family on how great the taste really is.

Pretty much, vegetables like cabbage, potatoes, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and much more can totally spice up the way your soup tastes and can keep the soups from becoming boring for your family. Once you get your spices just right… your soup might just be a blockbuster. Just remember that every ingredient of your soup has reactions to the spices you put in it. You can actually change the taste of your soup with just a little addition of spices. For example, your tomato soup might turn vegetarian chili with a little chili powder and cumin. Add Mexican spices to make your mill bean soup a vegetarian raw soup.

Be creative. Experiment on the taste and spice usage and discover the personalities of every spice like parsley, cilantro, lemon extract, rosemary, thyme and oregano. Soups can actually give you a chance to put in some ingredients that your family is not used of eating. Since the main objective of vegetarian meal planning is to reach the nutritional requirements of your family, you can always add tofu, rice, beans, and others staples you like.

Even with the best of soups, your family will eventually get tired of soup when you cook soup too often. So you may want to experiment by thickening the soups into a tasty stew. Most cooks use flour or cornstarch to make the broth heartier and thicker before serving. Just be creative with your soup creations and you may surprise yourself with the results it may provide for your busy vegetarian lifestyle.

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